Apr 23 2014

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Contact lenses have been helping people see without the aid of glasses since 1888. In that time, the contact lens hasn’t changed all that much. The century old tech is in for a big overhaul in the coming years, however, thanks to Google. Mashable is reporting that Google has been granted two patents for its

Apr 22 2014

Google has released a new “Ask AdWords” video discussing Webmaster Tools, “Site Not Working,” remarketing and conversion tracking. A couple guys from Google’s AdWords team respond to real questions from people asked via social media. Of course you can always ask your own question using the #askadwords hashtag. In actual AdWords news, Google held an

Apr 22 2014

Twitter’s new profiles, which the company announced earlier this month, are now rolling out to all users. Soon, all Twitter users’ profiles will have the new look–but if you don’t like to wait, you can quell your anxiousness by forcing the new design right now. According to Twitter, the new profiles better “show the world

Apr 22 2014

AT&T has pulled a Google and announced a “major initiative to expand its ultra-fast fiber network.” Like Google, who made a similar announcement back in February, AT&T is looking at some major metropolitan areas, scoping out the logistics, and saying that they could possibly expand to up to 100 cities. Google’s expansion plans eye 9

Apr 22 2014

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Google held an AdWords announcement event today to reveal a number of new things for Google search ads, the Display Network, YouTube and AdMob. Here’s the full keynote: A new AdMob feature will enable advertisers to target people based on the apps they use, as well has how often they use them, and their in-app

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